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Acorn Iberian Ham

By IbCrego

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One of our most precious products, the Acorn Iberian Ham, is considered one of the healthiest products in the world and a fundamental pillar in our Mediterranean Diet known within and outside our borders.

A food that, in addition to being great, provides our body has a large number of healthy benefits. All of us like to enjoy a good Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, we are in luck because not fattening.

Ham provides us with proteins, vitamins (B1, B2, B6 B12 and E) and minerals (Fe, Ca and Zn) that our body needs.

This contribution will help us protect ourselves against cardiovascular diseases, It helps us lower total cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, to avoid clogging our arteries.

The Acorn Iberian Ham from Ibericos Crego also has a high content of oleic acid due to its acorn-fed diet during the montanera on our farms, dedicated to the breeding of Iberian pigs in Salamanca.

Our pigs are in semi-freedom so that they can breed well and obtain an excellent product. At Ibericos Crego we make sure to offer the best Iberian products, by carrying out rigorous traceability throughout the process, which sets us apart from the competition.

We distinguish ourselves by taking care of the smallest detail to be breeders and producers.

The consumption of Ham is a great ally to time to eat a healthy and balanced diet, this combination being the key for our health. In addition to other recommendations such as: exercise, drink two liters of water, eat vegetables and fruit daily …

Think that when you eat a slice of the exquisite Iberico Acorn Iberian Ham from Crego, you are enjoying and taking care of your health, you can’t ask for more.

And don’t forget that in our online store you can choose the best Acorn Iberian Ham and taste it comfortably at home.

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