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Iberian Crego, the best gift

Yes, we already know that there is still a long way to go until Christmas…, but we also know that time runs very fast and as soon as we want to realize it, we are surrounded by lights and Christmas carols. For this reason, at Ibéricos Crego, we believe that it is best to bring […]

Iberian Ham, the basis of a good diet

September arrives and, after summer, the desire to take care of yourself more, doing sports and taking maximum care of the diet. The best ally to take care of yourself and that should be part of your diet, is the 100% Iberico Bellota Ham. It is one of the healthiest products of the Mediterranean diet, […]


Certain dates are approaching, in which we seek to offer the best products at our Christmas table. In this post, we want to show you 5 starter ideas to surprise your guests on these dates with Iberian Ham as the main ingredient, one of our star products. With these ideas, you are sure to be […]

Our Iberian products, red carpet products

Hello everyone, in our post today, we want to tell you about the great luck we had to collaborate with our Iberian products from Guijuelo at the Madrid premiere of Daniel Monzón‘s latest film, “The laws of the border.” During the reception of the event, we had the pleasure of offering all the attendees, our […]

How to recognize an exquisite Iberian product – Labeling regulations

Many times you have wondered how to know if an Iberian product is good or not … We give you a clue, if the Iberian product comes from our brand “Ibericos Crego” you already have a lot of cattle, because we always offer the best Iberian products from Guijuelo with the maximum guarantees and quality, […]


Today We are talking about how important it is for your health to follow a diet balanced combined with the regular and moderate practice of physical exercise. On Spain, thanks to the Mediterranean Diet, we have the best reference. Following her, we will obtain multiple benefits for our health. It is best to combine the […]


As the popular saying goes, the Iberian pig is used up to its gaits. And, the pig is an animal of which all the pieces that are extracted can be tasted, and become a delight for the palate. It can be consumed fresh or cured depending on the product. Most of the people know 2 […]

The Montanera

Today we want to talk to you about one of the most special for lovers of good acorn-fed Iberian product, “The Montanera”. It consists of the last phase of the Iberian pig rearing from October to February, which consists of letting the Iberian pigs graze freely through the holm oak meadows so that they feed on […]

Acorn Iberian Ham

One of our most precious products, the Acorn Iberian Ham, is considered one of the healthiest products in the world and a fundamental pillar in our Mediterranean Diet known within and outside our borders. A food that, in addition to being great, provides our body has a large number of healthy benefits. All of us […]