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Iberian Crego, the best gift

Yes, we already know that there is still a long way to go until Christmas…, but we also know that time runs very fast and as soon as we want to realize it, we are surrounded by lights and Christmas carols. For this reason, at Ibéricos Crego, we believe that it is best to bring […]

Our Exquisite Sausages

Within the world of Iberico there are many products, it is true, that many times we focus on talking about the Iberico Ham or the Iberico Shoulder and all its varieties, but we must not forget the Iberico sausages, there is a wide variety and they are as exquisite or more than a good Iberian […]


Certain dates are approaching, in which we seek to offer the best products at our Christmas table. In this post, we want to show you 5 starter ideas to surprise your guests on these dates with Iberian Ham as the main ingredient, one of our star products. With these ideas, you are sure to be […]


Yeah I know We know that it is still until Christmas …, but we see that more and more advance everything. We believe that having things organized with time, in the end it is a way to win a very valuable prize … buy time. For enjoy other things much more important and not be […]