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Today we dedicate our post to a great Guijuelense athlete and friend, Enrique Nieto, triathlete and lover of good nutrition.

For a long time, we decided to be part of his great sports career as sponsors and every day he surprises us more with his ability to excel in each competition.

So that you know him a little more we have done a small interview that we show you below.

Enrique Nieto, better known as Kike Nieto, was born in Salamanca, on 08/29/1988.

Tell us Kike, how did your love for sports start?

– Well, since I was very little I have liked all sports, since I was a child in school I started with karate and I continue to this day too, in triathlon I started a few years ago, but in general it can be said that all my life I have always been linked to sports and I want it to be so.

How do you prepare for competitions, do you follow a training and feeding methodology?

– Exactly, each one knows what level and demand they want to reach … and for this, if you want to be able to give the best of yourself … you have to follow a methodology for both training and feeding.

Following a good balanced diet is essential for the body and more so in elite athletes such as you, do you think there is a pattern to follow or are there no magic diets but common sense?

– You have to implement both … you have to always eat a balanced diet one day with a little food whim that is also good for the body, but you have to have a pattern to follow … you can’t just exercise the body … .. and then not recover it with food … you have to follow an eating pattern to recover the body as best and as quickly as possible to have it ready for the next workout.

Looking forward…, like when you are racing and looking for the goal, what are your next challenges? Is there a goal you want to meet this year?

– This year, in principle, I only have the last one and “THE TEST” … my IRONMAN that I have been training for so many months.

In the world of sports there are many differences between each discipline, in your case, can you live off your sports passion or do you need to have another way that complements it?

– It is very difficult to live off your sports passion … unfortunately the only sport in which you can is football … and not all … it is very difficult to achieve that … I in my case combine it with be MILITARY.

When you have to train in our area of ​​Guijuelo (Salamanca), which areas do you like the most?

– We have a paradise here in Guijuelo or surroundings … when I have to swim in open water … in the Santa Teresa reservoir (Aldeavieja) is my favorite place … for running I usually go to Tonda … a A very beautiful place in our mountains, and by bike, the sierra area is very beautiful … all the ports that we have nearby … La Covatilla, Valero, El Travieso … etc

Playing sports provides many health benefits and great values, in your opinion, what are those values ​​that sport has given you?

– For me, sport is fundamental in the values ​​of each person’s life, karate … it gives you respect, discipline, camaraderie, loyalty … I could go on to say many more … in triathlon it is the same … but the most important thing is how you are on the inside.

It was recently the Tokyo Olympics, when you take a break from training, are you a follower of other sports?

– That’s right, in the Olympics I like to watch the Spanish, whatever sport it is, the rest of the year I usually watch karate, triathlon, soccer and basketball.

What is the result that you are most proud of?

– The most special is the 1st time that I am champion of Castilla y León of karate, then I could tell you 4th of Spain of karate I was very excited … but it will not reach the other feeling, for being the first great triumph and after so many years trying without success … and I can’t stop highlighting my first IRONMAN MEDIUM AND my first IRONMAN.

We know that you take care of yourself inside and out. Of all our Iberian products, which one is your favorite and would you take as a supply to a race?

– Luckily I like all the sausage, but my favorite if I had to choose … I would opt for the salami and the Iberian shoulder.

In provisioning a sandwich of Iberian ham when I stop on the bike … not bad at all. And if it’s from Crego, the better!

You practice triathlon (running, cycling and swimming). In which discipline are you most comfortable?

– Luckily in the 3 disciplines I am comfortable and I have a medium level and little by little I am improving with training, but if I had to choose one … it would be in cycling.

Who do you remember when things go well? And when they don’t?

– When you cross the finish line or get what you want after so many hours of training, sacrifice and effort … you can only remember and thank the people who have been by your side supporting you every day and making efforts like you … .but different … that’s why they are so important, your family, your girlfriend, your training buddies … etc

Do you have any tricks to control your nerves?

– There is no trick … if you are competitive with yourself … you are the only one you have to overcome day by day, race by race … you will always arrive with nerves … until the starting gun … Then all your nerves go away.

We are nearing the end of our interview, but first we want you to quickly tell us the first word that comes to you when we say:

A word or phrase: Do today what others do not do, for tomorrow to have what others do not have. A movie: Gladiator A meal: Pasta A place: Lanzarote An animal: The panda A dream: To continue achieving each challenge that I set myself.

Well friend, tell you from these lines, that we are very happy and proud to be part of your sports career as sponsors.

We know that you will keep going, reaching great goals, because everything you set out to do, you achieve.

Thank you very much for your words and good luck in your next competitions.

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