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For Father’s Day, give the gift of FLAVOR

By IbCrego

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A very significant day is coming soon, Father’s Day, on March 19. This festivity commemorates the day of San José as the day of all parents.

But, did you know that this festivity has its origins in the United States? Well, yes.

Its origin was when Sonora Smart Dodd and her five siblings were raised by their father alone, after the death of their mother. And she, her daughter Sonora, years later wanted to pay tribute to her father for the effort of raising them alone. The idea came to him while he was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909 and he thought why not fathers could also have their day if some of them performed the functions of a mother and in 1966 Father’s Day was institutionalized and little by little it was gaining acceptance outside the United States.

In Spain, it had its origin in 1948 by a teacher Manuela Vicente Ferrero, who wanted to honor the parents of her students and chose the day of San José and was so widely accepted and disseminated that this festivity was approved.

Since then it is a very important holiday in which parents are shown the love and appreciation they deserve. We know you have to do it every day, but this day you have to make it a little more special.

For this reason, from Ibéricos Crego, we want to give you some idea. What would your dad think of enjoying a delicious Iberian ham or one of our batches of Iberian ham? He will surely love it. Because in addition to being an exquisite gift full of flavor, you can share it with your entire family.

So if you also think that it is a good idea, do not hesitate to enter our online store and place your order to surprise him on that special day.

You can see the wide selection of Iberian products and our lots of Iberian products.

For any questions you can also call us at: 923 58 13 60 or send us an E-mail to

From here I wish all the parents a happy day and especially ours.

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