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As the popular saying goes, the Iberian pig is used up to its gaits. And, the pig is an animal of which all the pieces that are extracted can be tasted, and become a delight for the palate.

It can be consumed fresh or cured depending on the product.

Most of the people know 2 of its pieces the ham and the shoulder: THE HAM, is usually the most appreciated. The ham is taken from the two hind legs that contain a lot of meat. Its approximate weight is usually between 7 and 9 kg. And depending on their diet there are different varieties:

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham: This variety is obtained from Iberian pigs that live in freedom and feed on natural products, until the time of the montanera arrives, which goes from October to February and which consists of letting them graze Iberian pigs freely through the holm oak meadows to feed on their great precious food “the acorn”, which will then give that exquisite flavor to their meat.

Ham de Cebo de Campo Ibérico: It comes from Iberian pigs in freedom through the pastures and that they have a mixed diet between natural pastures and complete processed feed with cereals, vitamins and minerals.

Cebo Ham Iberian: It is obtained from Iberian pigs, raised on farms and with a feeding based on complete feeds to complete its development.

THE PALLET, It is also one of the best known parts of the Iberian pig. This part corresponds to the front legs of the Iberian pig, they are smaller and they contain less meat, but of an exquisite flavor. Its approximate weight ranges from the 4 to 5 kg.

Like ham depending on your diet we would have three varieties:

Iberica Bellota Shoulder

Iberica Cebo de Campo Shoulder

Iberica Cebo Shoulder

But they are many more pieces of the Iberian pig that we can taste. TO Next, we detail those lesser known pieces, but exquisite, tender, juicy and with high nutritional value.

IBERIAN SIRLOIN: It is the muscle located in the abdominal cavity of the pig and in the lower part of the spine.

BOLA IBÉRICA OR PRESA IBÉRICA: It is a piece that is next to the shoulder and forms part of the head of the spine.

IBÉRICA CRUCETA: It is the piece that is found on the inside of the back, near the front legs.

IBÉRICA FEATHER: It is located in the posterior area of ​​the loin, next to the Iberian ball.

IBERIAN LOIN: It is one of the noble pieces of the Iberian pig and it is next to the spine under the ribs.

IBERIAN LEAN: It is extracted from the two lower sides of the jaw of Iberian pigs.

IBERIAN FAN: It is obtained from the back of the headboard, it is the piece that externally wraps the ribs.

IBERIAN LIZARD: It is the piece of the Iberian pig located between the ribs.

IBERIAN HEADBOARD: Corresponds to the muscle located in the dorsal region of the neck of the Iberian pig.

IBERIAN CARRILLERA: This meat is obtained from the fatty parts of both sides of the face.

IBERIAN SWEETS: They are a cut of offal meat, it is a muscle located in the stomach.

LONGANIZA FRESCA IBÉRICA: It is a fresh sausage made from seasoned Iberian pork meat and sausage in natural casing.

IBERIAN BACON LOIN: It is the fat part that covers the back of the Iberian pig.

IBÉRICA PANCETA: It is the part between the skin of the Iberian pig and the layers that are under the ventral muscles.

IBERIAN STEAK: They are the intercostal muscles that are next to the diaphragm.

IBÉRICA RIB: As the name properly says, it corresponds to the rib of the Iberian pig.

As you will see there are many, the parts of the Iberian pig that are they can savor and enjoy its juicy and exquisite meat.

In Ibericos Crego, we are breeders and producers of the Iberian pig, which allows us to take advantage of all its parts and offer the consumer fresh and cured Iberian products of the highest quality. We follow a rigorous control throughout the process, until it reaches the consumer to their delight.

All our Iberian products from Guijuelo, You can find them on our website and online store.

We hope you found our post interesting.

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