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In today’s post we give you some tips or easy advice, for the conservation of your Iberian Ham or Iberian Shoulder.

To follow these tips, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors that can spoil the conservation of the Iberian product, among them; light, temperature, dryness and oxidation.

Taking into account these factors that we have mentioned, first we are going to talk to you in case the Iberian Ham or the Iberian Shoulder is whole, that you have not started it yet, because you prefer to wait to consume it later.

It is best to keep them hanging, keeping their container, in a cool and dry place. Away from heating (in winter) and the sun (the ideal storage temperature is 15ºC to 18ºC). This will ensure that when you are going to consume it, it will be in perfect condition.

And secondly, when you have already started your Iberian Ham or Shoulder, if you want it to be preserved in an optimal way until its next consumption, we will detail some easy tips below.

– One of the most important things to keep in mind is, once you start your Iberian Ham or Shoulder, it is to remove the rind that covers it little by little, only the area that is going to be consumed. Since its own natural bark, it is the best way for its conservation. Thus, we will only have to worry about the cutting area for its conservation.

– Now we are talking about the cutting area, to prevent it from drying out and rusting. Avoid contact with the outside air. It is highly advisable to cover the area with the pieces of the bark that have been cut previously or rub the area with a little of its own fat and cover the entire area well with plastic wrap. As this type of paper allows light to pass through, which is one of the factors that can spoil its conservation, we will put a clean cotton cloth over it, to prevent light from passing into the product.

As you will see, it is very easy to preserve the product with these simple tips, you will ensure that each consumption has the same characteristics as the first and all its qualities (flavor, texture and color) are preserved.

If reading this post makes you want to enjoy an exquisite Iberian product with a unique flavor and texture, you can enter our online store and we will send it to your home in an easy and comfortable way.

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