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How to recognize an exquisite Iberian product – Labeling regulations

By IbCrego

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Many times you have wondered how to know if an Iberian product is good or not … We give you a clue, if the Iberian product comes from our brand “Ibericos Crego” you already have a lot of cattle, because we always offer the best Iberian products from Guijuelo with the maximum guarantees and quality, as well as an exquisite and incomparable flavor.

But if the origin is different, in this post we are going to talk about some points that you should take into account when buying a good Iberian product.

The first thing we have to look at is the appearance, many times simply by the eyes we will already know, if it will be good or not, although it can also be difficult if we are not used to consume them, therefore, we will value other points.

Secondly and for us fundamental is to look at the product label. The product must be labeled in a way correct and in a clearly visible place complying with the regulations for labeling of Iberian products.

Here we can meet, especially if we talk about Iberian Ham or Iberian Shoulder Ham, four very different colors according to be the origin of the product:

Color seal Black: 100% Iberian acorn.

Color seal Red: Acorn Iberico (50% and 75%).

Color seal Green: Iberian Field Cebo (50%, 75% and 100%).

Color seal White: Iberian Cebo (50%, 75% and 100%).

The label must bear the name of the Iberian product that is: Ham, shoulder, loin …

If they are fresh Iberian products, the designation must appear of the piece from the cutting.

Then we go on to see, depending on the type of diet that the Iberian pig has had in this case, if it is:

Iberico de Bellota: Which are the Iberian pigs that have fed exclusively on acorns, herbs and other natural resources of the pasture.

De Cebo de Campo Ibérico: These are the Iberian pigs that have fed on the natural resources of the pasture and their diet has been supplemented with specific feed consisting of cereals and legumes.

Iberian Cebo: Fed with feed, mainly cereals and legumes.

Next to the name of the product the type of breed to which it belongs must appear, normally adding the percentage (%) in Iberian breed that the product contains according to its origin:

100% Iberian: products from animals with 100% genetic purity of the Iberian breed.

Iberian 50% and 75%: this labeling is for products from animals with at least 50% or 75% of their genetic percentage corresponding to the Iberian pig breed.

In addition to everything mentioned above, a box indicating the nutritional value of the product.

For us, “The quality and the guarantee of our products are the pillars of our philosophy.”

For this reason, at Ibericos Crego we care about following the entire process of the product from the genetics of the Iberian pig breeding in our pastures and farms, the food that follows, the production process …, until the final product to be able to offer it to the consumer with the maximum guarantees.

In Ibericos Crego in addition to working with a Certifier of Quality, we have the guarantees of the Land of Taste Seal and Salamanca on a tray, which ones certify that our Iberian products meet all the requirements marked with these guarantee seals to be able to sell our products to the consumer.

If after all what we have told you in this post, you want to take no chances and enjoy the you can do it through our online store:

We ship to all of Spain and abroad.

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