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Iberian Ham, the basis of a good diet

By IbCrego

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September arrives and, after summer, the desire to take care of yourself more, doing sports and taking maximum care of the diet.

The best ally to take care of yourself and that should be part of your diet, is the 100% Iberico Bellota Ham. It is one of the healthiest products of the Mediterranean diet, it becomes an ideal food for both athletes and people who want to take care of themselves and benefit from its properties.

One of its nutritional benefits is that in its composition has unsaturated fats, what does this mean, which are fats that make lower “bad” (cholesterol LDL). This type of cholesterol is the one that should be avoided since it is one of the the main cause of serious cardiovascular diseases.

Other benefits provided by the consumption of 100% Iberico Bellota Ham are:

Its great nutritional value, thanks to the feeding of the Iberian pig with acorns, herbs and other natural resources from the dehesa.

We cannot forget its high percentage of proteins, which means that it has a rapid absorption of nutrients, ideal for hypocaloric diets (weight loss).

In addition to being able to enjoy its exquisite flavor, its excellent texture and its aroma…, without a doubt, it makes it in a magnificent food ideal for include in the diet.

We want to remind you that in order to take good care of yourself, within the diet you must include the intake of fruits, vegetables and legumes, in addition to drinking at least 2 liters of water.

If you want to take care of yourself, do not hesitate and always have our 100% Iberico Bellota Ham on hand, everything is beneficial. You can contact us through our website or stop by Calle Lirio 20, Guijuelo (Salamanca), we will be happy to assist you.

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