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Ibéricos Crego, Tradition

By IbCrego

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We are a family business, which for more than 100 years, we continue working in the pork sector of Guijuelo. It all started with our grandparents, Sebastián Crego and Manuel Martín, it continued with our father and is currently with us.

Having lived closely the pork tradition since we were little, helps us not to lose our very special flavor, the flavor of always, since our beginnings in all our Iberian products, ensuring the best quality and the best guarantee of a job well done.

Always selecting the best raw material, to produce the most exquisite Iberian products.

In addition, at Ibéricos Crego, we take care of the entire process, since we are breeders and producers and this helps us to carry out exhaustive monitoring from the beginning with the breeding of the Iberian pig, to the final product that reaches our customers.

Throughout the process, we carry out constant quality controls, through a certified management system and guarantee excellence in the production of our Iberian hams and sausages from Guijuelo.

We distinguish ourselves by our care of the smallest detail and we carry out a rigorous traceability that differentiates us from the competition.

To continue with the cured meat tradition after so many years, and that our customers congratulate us for continuing to offer them the best Iberian products and with the maximum guarantees of quality and flavor, that makes us proud to continue working for many more years and that our cured meat tradition is not miss.

Thank you all for trusting Ibéricos Crego, year after year!

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