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Many of you will wonder how you can know if an Iberian product is of quality, because today we are going to talk about certain points that you can take into account when choosing the best.

First of all, the product must be correctly labeled, according to the regulations in force at that time, where the following information must appear:

– Product name
– Corresponding color (in the case of vitolas in hams and shoulders)
– Origin
– Nutritional values
– Weight

It is also very important and at the same time it is easy for us to identify its color with the naked eye, which must correspond to its quality. Depending on the denomination that it has, if it is an Iberian product of bait, field bait or acorn, its color varies.

Another question that some of you may have is, what are those little white dots that sometimes appear on Iberian products, next, we will try to clear up your doubts. The white dots of the Iberian Ham are crystallizations of tyrosine (which is one of the 20 amino acids that form proteins), which are formed during the maturation of the sausages, with a traditional and natural curing.


When the proteins of the raw material are degraded increasing the concentration of free amino acids, they can appear. These amino acids are of great importance because they are largely responsible for of the final flavor once the food has matured.

The presence of tyrosine (and white dots) is a guarantee of quality and that the entire curing process has been carried out correctly.

For this reason, at Ibéricos Crego, we always carry out strict quality control, through a certified management system. We guarantee excellence in the preparation of our Iberian hams and Guijuelo sausages.

We distinguish ourselves by our care of the smallest detail throughout the process.

If you want to enjoy quality Iberian products with the maximum guarantees, visit our online store, where you will find a wide variety of exquisite Iberian products from Guijuelo.



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