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Madrid Fusión 2022 – IBÉRICOS CREGO

By IbCrego

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Last Monday, Monday, March 28, we had the pleasure of taking an active part in Madrid Fusión, a great gastronomic adventure, hand in hand with Salamanca en Bandeja and the Diputación de Salamanca.

During the day we were accompanied by great chefs, restaurateurs and producers from our province.

For Ibéricos Crego, it has been a pleasure to be able to offer a tasting of our Ibérico de Bellota products to the public that came to the Salamanca en Bandeja stand throughout the day.

This year the motto of the congress is ‘Beyond the product’. To be able to give vision to all cooking techniques, in addition to the importance in choosing a great quality product as raw material when preparing excellent gastronomic dishes.

As a representative of Ibéricos Crego, Diego Crego, manager of Ibéricos Crego, was enjoying the day, and we are going to take the opportunity to tell us first-hand about his feelings on his first appearance at Madrid Fusión.

Good morning Diego, the first thing we want to ask you is how did this opportunity come about and how was this first experience of Ibéricos Crego in Madrid Fusión?

-It has been gratifying, being able to listen first-hand to the doubts of the owners and chefs of the most important restaurants in the country and coming from the hand of Salamanca on a tray has been very comfortable and easy.

What would you highlight about this great gastronomic experience?

-The good atmosphere that exists in the world of hospitality, restaurant owners helping each other without problem and giving advice from experience.

Surely all the attendees were delighted to enjoy the Ibérico de Bellota de Guijuelo products… What was their reaction, what did they think?

-Of course, the reaction was very gratifying on a personal level, to see their faces of satisfaction when eating our products… Being that it is the Iberian acorn-fed ham that we dedicated almost 5 years to be able to enjoy this delicacy…

The motto this year is ‘Beyond the product’, what is your opinion of the choice of a good raw material for the preparation of exquisite gastronomic dishes?

-Everything, choosing a good raw material guarantees a good dish at the restaurant table, at your home… that’s why we bet on a quality Iberian pig.

Before finishing, what would you like to highlight about your first Madrid Fusion?

-The experience of having been able to represent the world of Iberian and Guijuelo and having shared first-hand the opinions of restaurateurs that will help us improve in the future.

Thank you very much Diego, for sharing your experience with all of us.

Throughout the day we were accompanied by great colleagues, whom we want to thank for their magnificent company, including;

– Raquel Acosta Ham Cutter, who performed a wonderful cutting service for our Acorn-fed Iberian cured meats throughout the day.

– The Mariluz Black Bread, which produced the Guirlache nougat.

– We tasted the great hornazo of Salamanca, Guarantee Mark.

– The Castillo de Montemayor Restaurant prepared an exquisite dish “Eclair de Cod M. Bueno with extra virgin olive oil Solae and nougat praline El Pan Negro de Mariluz”

-Los Álamos Gastrolab offered a delicious dish, “Guaranteed Charra Beef and Carlos Navas Cheese”

– Café Bar Especial Xirex, surprised us with an excellent dish, “Crego Iberian meatball, jowl veil, Hergaher farinato land and Fátima Potato Chips”

– We enjoyed the tasting and tasting of Carlos Navas Cheeses.

As all of us who are part of the event will see, we offered our best dishes and products from Salamanca to all the attendees who came to the stand.

Finally, we want to thank all the organizers of the event for their great work and all the attendees for their great welcome.

See you next year at Madrid Fusion 2023!

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