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More than 100 years in the Iberian world

By IbCrego

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We launch our blog with the aim of continuing to improve year after year, always evolving and progressing, but with the conviction that our history is what has made us get here. We know that it is difficult to look into the future without remembering our past.

That is why we look back and we are proud to have been in the sector for more than a hundred years, to be a family business for four generations.

During all this time, we have known how to adapt to the times and continue with a pork-meat tradition based on the excellence of the product and the perfect union of tradition and innovation, which has led us to be a benchmark in the sector, both in the quality as in the guarantee of our products.

At Ibericos Crego, we control the entire production process.

If we have learned something in all this time, it is that being able to control the entire process is essential to achieve products of the highest quality.

We have our own pastures and livestock farms dedicated to raising pigs in Salamanca, producing part of the volume we process.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Iberian, Guijuelo, offering our clients an unbeatable quality – price ratio, making us absolutely competitive.

Always forward

We do not know how the future will appear, although we imagine that it will be uncertain considering the current panorama of the world and of our sector. But what we can assure you is that at Ibericos Crego we will continue working hard every day to offer the best to our national and international clients.

We hope that 2021 will give us all the opportunity to move forward and improve.

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