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Today We are talking about how important it is for your health to follow a diet balanced combined with the regular and moderate practice of physical exercise.

On Spain, thanks to the Mediterranean Diet, we have the best reference.

Following her, we will obtain multiple benefits for our health.

It is best to combine the Mediterranean Diet, healthy and balanced diet with moderate practice of physical exercise.

The diet is based on the intake of dishes made with ingredients from local agriculture and livestock. Main products are vegetables, legumes, fruit, fish, meats white beans, pasta, rice and nuts, in addition to olive oil and Consumption of a glass of wine in moderation. They are easy to get and prepare. In addition, there are countless recipes to enjoy them a thousand different ways.

And it is here, where the Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, becomes our best ally, since it is a 100% healthy product.

The pigs from which our Iberian Acorn-fed Ham comes are reared in our Salamanca pastures, feeding on acorns and natural products from the field, to achieve spectacular nutritional characteristics. At Ibericos Crego we monitor and trace our Iberian Pigs from breeding to the final product that reaches the consumer, with the highest quality guarantee.

The Acorn-fed Iberian Ham comes from the Iberian Pig and thanks to its diet totally natural, and to be grazing freely through the meadows, we get let your fat seep in and have that streaky look. Is composed of unsaturated fatty acids (the good ones) and oleic acid, which are beneficial to health.

With their consumption, we manage to reduce the risk of suffering diseases cardiovascular disease, and helps us control blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol and delay cognitive decline.

For that is a great product, because in addition to being exquisite, it helps us to take care of of our health, can you ask for more ?.

Yes you want to start taking care of yourself but enjoying yourself, enter our online store and discover all our acorn-fed Iberian products, you will love them and will take care!

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