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Crego Ibericos in Fitur and Madrid Fusion

We start the year, non-stop and as we like best, making all our exquisite Iberian products known. For yet another year, we have attended the main and most important gastronomic events in our country, on January 18 at FITUR: International Tourism Fair and on January 23 and 24 at MADRID FUSION: Gastronomy Congress. It is [...]

Iberian Crego, the best gift

Yes, we already know that there is still a long way to go until Christmas…, but we also know that time runs very fast and as soon as we want to realize it, we are surrounded by lights and Christmas carols. For this reason, at Ibéricos Crego, we believe that it is best to bring […]

Our Exquisite Sausages

Within the world of Iberico there are many products, it is true, that many times we focus on talking about the Iberico Ham or the Iberico Shoulder and all its varieties, but we must not forget the Iberico sausages, there is a wide variety and they are as exquisite or more than a good Iberian […]

Iberian Ham, the basis of a good diet

September arrives and, after summer, the desire to take care of yourself more, doing sports and taking maximum care of the diet. The best ally to take care of yourself and that should be part of your diet, is the 100% Iberico Bellota Ham. It is one of the healthiest products of the Mediterranean diet, […]


In today's post we give you some tips or easy advice, for the conservation of your Iberian Ham or Iberian Shoulder. To follow these tips, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors that can spoil the conservation of the Iberian product, among them; light, temperature, dryness and oxidation. Taking into account [...]

Madrid Fusión 2022 – IBÉRICOS CREGO

Last Monday, Monday, March 28, we had the pleasure of taking an active part in Madrid Fusión, a great gastronomic adventure, hand in hand with Salamanca en Bandeja and the Diputación de Salamanca. During the day we were accompanied by great chefs, restaurateurs and producers from our province. For Ibéricos Crego, it has been a pleasure [...]


Many of you will wonder how you can know if an Iberian product is of quality, because today we are going to talk about certain points that you can take into account when choosing the best. First of all, the product must be correctly labeled, according to the regulations in force at that time, where [...]

Quality, our commitment.

In Ibéricos Crego have always opted to offer products of the highest quality, taking maximum care of the entire production process. From the breeding of our own Iberian pigs, to the curing of our hams and sausages. “Breeders and Producers” We are owners of a farm dedicated to raising pigs in Salamanca to meet the […]


Certain dates are approaching, in which we seek to offer the best products at our Christmas table. In this post, we want to show you 5 starter ideas to surprise your guests on these dates with Iberian Ham as the main ingredient, one of our star products. With these ideas, you are sure to be […]


Yeah I know We know that it is still until Christmas …, but we see that more and more advance everything. We believe that having things organized with time, in the end it is a way to win a very valuable prize … buy time. For enjoy other things much more important and not be […]